THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TAURINE CLUBS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Information summarized from the NATC promotional material. M.C.)


In 1961/62 the taurinei club Barrera Taurina of El Paso, Texas, under the presidency of Don Edmundo de Anda, initiated direct communication with other U.S. taurine clubs, with the idea of organizing a national association. About the same time, Vincent J-R Kehoe, taurine writer and president of the Club Taurino of New York, contacted U.S. taurine clubs with a similar suggestion. At the instigation of Barrera Taurina, an organizational meeting was held later that same year in El Paso, with Mr. Kehoe presiding. In all, nine U.S. clubs sent representatives, and together they laid plans for a formal convention to be held the following year. Don Edmundo de Anda of Barrera Taurina was elected as the organization's first president.

In 1963 the first convention of the National Association of Taurine Clubs of the United States of America was held in El Paso, hosted by the local club Barrera Taurina, Charlcie Jean Clements (later Zavala), president. Related taurine events took place across the Rio Grande in Ciudad Juarez. Jim Kirby of Barrera Taurina was elected president. A formal corrida de toros was held in Ciudad Juarez at the Plaza Alberto Balderas, setting the stage for future conventions.

The NATC was now off and running. Subsequent conventions have been held annually in the U.S., Mexico, Spain and France. Each year a NATC club member hosts the convention.


The National Association of Taurine Clubs of the United States of America (NATC) is an organization composed of clubs formed by aficionados of La Fiesta Brava in cities throughout the United States. It is primarily concerned with the union of those clubs for the dissemination of taurine information towards improving their knowledge and enjoyment of the corrida.

The NATC is not an independent entity but it is in fact the clubs themselves as governed by officers elected from their memberships.

The NATC is dedicated to La Fiesta Brava and its rightful place as one of the most significant artistic acts in the history of man.

As spelled out in the NATC's constitution, the purposes of this association are:

Current active member clubs are listed below. Specific contact information will be provided upon further request:

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