Bullfighting is an integral part of the culture of Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and a number of South American countries. It is also thriving in southern France. Many Americans have been drawn to bullfighting after reading Ernest Hemingway or by a trip to one of the places where they might attend in person. For those wishing to pursue an interest, the problem becomes how to keep their interest alive in a country where bullfighting is not part of the culture. Back in 1964, a fellow in Massachusetts, Bob Archibald, conceived a solution which has prospered ever since. His idea was a mailing network of people whose appreciation of the bullfight was nurtured by a shared interest in the literature of bullfighting. Thus was born a club called, TBA (Taurine Bibliophiles of America). There are no regular meetings because the members are scattered across the U.S. and around the world. With a focus on taurine books in English, TBA includes among its members, famous authors, a retired matador, and others from every walk of life. Some are expert in their knowledge. Some have world class book collections. Others are just beginning their interest in the bullfight and collecting books about it. The only membership qualification is a shared interest in the subject.

TBA sustains itself by publishing a quarterly the journals LA BUSCA. The contents include reviews of books, new and old, essays and opinion pieces to share experiences or argue points of view about toreros, bulls, or the volving art of bullfighting. There is also an exchange service to buy, sell, or trade taurine books, and this works for members who are just beginning to collect and for those with extensive collections seeking a rare volume, or perhaps selling off a part of their library. TBA also maintains what is almost certainly, the most complete bibliography of bullfight books printed in English, over 1,300 titles.

TBA is not engaged in any commercial activity. Dues are used for printing and mailing its publications and incidental correspondence with members. The buying, selling, or trading of books, other taurine art (such as posters, painting, sculpture, etc.) is strictly between Private parties who connect through notices printed by TBA.

TBA belongs to the National Association of Taurine Clubs, an affiliation of regional clubs of people interested in meeting to share their interest in the bullfight. Members of such clubs frequently join TBA for the special focus on the literature of bullfighting which is TBA's special venue.

To obtain more information about TBA, call or write to Mr. Gil Arruda 59 Pearl Avenue North Providence, RI 02904 tel. (401) 353-6326, or e-mail at Gka43@aol.com.